Nico Underwear

Whenever I needed new underwear, bras or socks, I would find myself heading straight to high street stores. I would churn through these everyday items so much because I wasn’t buying quality and was also not looking after them the way I should be. 

Now that I am more aware of the ethical and sustainable impacts my clothing has, I am beginning to dig deeper and really focus on every single piece I buy. 

You may think something as small as underwear has little impact on the environment but here are a few facts to make you think twice before investing in your next set:

Micro fibres: These are defined as particles that are under 5mm which come from washing clothing that is made from polyester or acrylic). An equivalent of 540,000 plastic bags’ worth of micro fibres are released into the ocean daily - not worldwide but from just one city. The more natural fibres you wear the better!

Short life cycle: Constant washing and wearing makes the cycle of underwear very short and because no one likes second hand undies its straight to the landfill. Hand washing or putting your underwear in an organic cotton wash bag will give your pieces longevity. 

Quality over quantity: A lot of high street brands can sell underwear at a low price because they pay their garment workers low wage and use cheap materials. If you buy cheaply made underwear, it won’t last and you’ll have to keep buying more and more. If you invest in quality underwear that has low impacts on the environment and comes from an ethical background, you will want to look after it and therefore it will last longer and you won’t have to constantly spend money on awful underwear - everyone wins.

One brand that is doing everything right is Nico Underwear, established in 2012 they are committed to upholding and cultivating ethical and sustainable transparency in the fashion industry. Their pieces not only look and feel good, they are good! Each piece is made with complete transparency which means you know exactly what it’s made from and where it was made. 

The pieces also come in a lovely re-usable wash bag big enough for all your organic underwear.

Remember that every single item you buy has come from somewhere and will end up somewhere, so buy into the journey of your garment and learn to truly love and care for your underwear!

Nico Underwear

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