A day in Dubrovnik


Like a lot of cities in Croatia you should head to the Old Town before the crowds, to really immerse yourself in the authenticity of the city. The first thing I did was walk up and around the old walls, it has the best views of the old town, outer landscapes and the ocean, this does cost 150 HRK but is worth it. There are multiple churches you must visit, both outside and in, I believe most of the churches are free to visit. If you have time pop in to the oldest running pharmacy in Europe, it's interiors are super beautiful, it's also great if you actually need a pharmaceutical product as their range is huge. For lunch I found a great vegan restaurant called Nishta (side not I am not vegan, I just enjoy vegan food) and if you aren't vegan like me you will still find the food delicious.


Escape the hustle and bustle of busy Dubrovnik for half a day and head to Lokrum Island. Catch the ferry from the port near the Ploce Gate entrance of the old town. Find a private spot on the rocks with a ladder and you will be there all day long. No residents live on the island (apart from the local peacocks) so it will truly feel like a private paradise.