Best Organic Cotton Towels

Organic cotton produces carbon emissions that are 46% lower than conventional cotton. So when you buy anything that is made from cotton, and I mean anything - clothing, bed linen and even towels, it’s important that you go for organic. Every time you make a purchasing decision, you’re also making a production decision, from the way cotton products are made to the way people who make them are treated. 

Commercially grown cotton is sprayed with pesticides and soaked in chemical fertilisers. These harmful chemicals and toxins work their way into the cotton fibres and can remain in commercially grown cotton products such as towels even after frequent washing. 

So next time you need to (not want to) replace your bathroom towels, consider doing your research to find brands that produce quality organic towels that are good for both the planet and the people who make them. 

But if research isn’t your thing, I’ve done the work for you by collating the best UK brands for organic cotton towels:

Dip and Doze

Kin and Kloth

The Fine Company