Cue Colour


COAT Rachel Mills • DRESS Cos • SHOES Zara

For a lover of all things black and white, I found it peculiar that I was attracted to the brightest colour of the lot.. yellow! I have always been one for the classics and by classics I mean monochromatic; white shirts, black trousers, black footwear and so on. But lately my eye has turned to all things colour, well almost all. This yellow Rachel Mills coat is possibly one of the brightest colours I have worn since I was 15, when I bought a bright pink dress from my first visit to Zara in Amsterdam. Since then I have unintentionally gone off colour, for no real reason other than my love for minimalism. But now I feel my style developing and while I still love a good classic, I am ready for the FUN side of fashion. Cue colour!!! 

So where has this change of heart come from? Perhaps from the playfulness and vivid palettes of the latest collections at New York, London and Milan, or even the alluring and bold styles seen on the streets. Whatever it is I am officially hooked, and while it may be a slow start to bringing in colour to my everyday look, I am convinced it will happen eventually. 

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