Kit and Ace



Around this time last year I was flown to Sydney, Australia to experience a weekend with cashmere brand Kit and Ace. I instantly fell in love with the brand, not just because of the clean, well structured and technically designed pieces but because of the brand as a whole.

The brand was established in 2014 by Shannon Wilson and JJ Wilson who wanted to create clothing that could be worn from dusk till dawn, from the office to a hike. Clothing that is functional for every part of your day.



“Time is a non-renewable resource, so every moment matters. Commuting, creating, pushing, pausing, sweating and achieving. You don’t slow down from 6AM to 10PM and you need clothing that can keep up.”

And it’s not just the brands motto that I love but the immense amount of thought and detail that goes into the branding, from the removable clothing tags to the sleek blue packaging. There is everything to love about Kit and Ace, and that’s why I am so thrilled that the brand has made its way to New Zealand.

Go check out the luxurious cashmere label at 13 Galway St, Britomart, Auckland.