Know The Origin

About two months ago I watched The True Cost a groundbreaking documentary which focuses on fast fashion. It explores the life of low-wage workers in developing countries and the effects the industry has on the environment. If you haven’t seen The True Cost or even heard of it, I highly recommend you watch it, it’s available on Netflix!

When I usually watch an influential film or read an eye opening book, I am somewhat influenced and suddenly want to change the way I act or eat or live my day to day life. That mind set usually lasts a week and I am back to my old ways. However The True Cost has really stuck with me, I find myself buying less and most importantly I have begun to think about where my clothes come from and where they will end up. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love fashion, always have and always will. I have been in the industry for over 10 years, and have worked with so many incredibly hard working people. I will still be supporting the designers I have always supported but will be reaching out to brands and organisations who are working for the better of the people and the earth. 

With all that said I welcome Know The Origin to my blog. KTO is a London based online store that sells honest transparent brands from around the world. They stock so many beautiful brands and their website is filled with important information about the planet and people. Every single garment has a story and the website shows you where the item was made, how it was made and it’s ethical standards. 

Not only do Know The Origin stock beautiful brands from around the globe, they have their own line of clothing - KTO. Below I am wearing Jai Cami and the Lotus 3/4 Leggings, both made from 100% Lenzing Modal. On their site I can see the exact location where the lenzing was manufactured in India and not too far from that they also point out the fair-trade factory in which the top and cami were created from the fabric. This fabric is super soft and these pieces are so comfortable that I have already worn them several times.

I absolutely love the transparency of KTO and owning pieces that I know the origin of - where they were made and who made them makes me love them so much more.

This is the beginning of my transparent fashion journey and I am still learning about ethical, sustainable and slow fashion. While I learn I hope I somewhat inspire, challenge or convince you along the way because things will only change if we all change too! 

Know the Origin
Know the Origin
Know the Origin