New Year, Old Me

In order to look forward I figured it was time to look back.
To look back at what I had achieved over the years and at the person I had become. 

Nadine Banks

My blog has been running for over five years now and has gone through many stages. Initially it started as an exploration of my creative side and learning what my style was. It then turned into a fashion blog and has been heavily influenced by the fashion industry in New Zealand and Australia. 

Nadine Banks

Since moving away from New Zealand and settling into London life things have changed. Firstly, my style has become more refined. It feels as though I am taking elements of what I used to wear and reinventing them to fit my style now. I am becoming more selective with not only what I am wearing but what I am buying - choosing pieces that will last in terms of quality and style. 


However it
 is not only
 my style
which has


Lately I have not been as present on social media as I usually am and whatever the reason, I don’t mind.
I am enjoying my time away from it, and am really starting to live in the present and am learning to enjoy every moment rather than living those moments through my phone.

I suppose in a way, being away from New Zealand has made me realise that time is precious. The moments we spend with our family and friends should be treasured because one day you are with them and the next day you are living on the other side of the world. This said, social media does have its perks. I am able to stay connected to the ones I love, whether that’s through social media, WhatsApp or FaceTime. 

Nadine Banks

Moving out of home for the first time and straight to the other side of the world to live with my three best friends has taught me one important lesson - patience! For those of you who know me, you will know I am not (or was not) the most patient person. Every little thing used to agitate me. Now, I have learnt to accept those things that annoyed me and move on. It has made me a much happier and nicer person to be around. I love my friends and am glad they are the family I chose. 

Nadine Banks

This year, yes, I am moving forward and developing myself but I am also using the old me as a point of reference to do so. Whether that be looking into the archives of my blog and taking inspiration from an outfit three years ago. Or going back in time to the days when I didn’t have my phone on me 24/7 and living in the present. Or most importantly taking the time to think about what an amazing life I have had so far and the people who have made
it amazing. 

A big thank you ..

Thank you to my friends near and far for making me laugh, love and learn.
To those in New Zealand I miss you everyday and know we should talk more.
To those in London (new and old) I love the time we share together, we should do it more often!

Thank you to my family near and far for loving me unconditionally and teaching me all I know. I am thankful for you all and to have family in New Zealand and Amsterdam. Mum and Dad, I miss you every hour of every day.

Thank you to everyone else in my life - present and past.