NZ Fashion Week '16 Day Two

 OUTFIT Day 2: BLAZER Aris • SHIRT Cos • SKIRT Shona Joy • SHOES RMK • EARRINGS Holly Ryan • BRACELET Sophie Store

Salasai kicked off Day Two with models walking down the runway through a large scaffold like sculpture. Long, oversized, flowing but structured describes the silhouettes of both the female and male models. But funnily enough it was the grungy details which stood out amongst everything else: fishnets, Dr. Martens, pearls, badges and embroidery. 

Wynn Hamlyn was by far one of my favourites this year, and for many reasons other than my initial love for the label. Tapestry-themed textiles were the main feature to every look of this collection. Think carpeted coats, eyelid and tasseled detailing, and oversized patterned bags. This entire collection spoke to me on a whole new level and I walked away with every item on my Autumn Winter ’16 wish list. 

Calling all men! Or if you are like me menswear lovers. Yes, call me androgynous (because in a lot of ways I am) but I love menswear. Perhaps it’s the simpleness or the quality or the fit, whatever it is, there is just something so pleasing about menswear. But my love for menswear isn’t the only reason I loved the French 83 show. The models made there way down the runway, one by one, placing a stool in the centre of the runway. They walked onwards toward the photographers, posed, then strutted their way back to where they sat on the stool. This resulted in a line of dapper suited men sitting in a line. I feel this portrayed the collection so well .. straight forward, strong , simple yet compelling. 

One show that was at the top of my list prior to the actual show was Jarrad Godman x Servilles. I have known designer Jarrad Godman for many years now as I used to fit model for him at University. So it is easy for me to say how immensely proud I was to see a full collection by Godman being showcased on the runway at Fashion Week.  Structural headpieces covered the models faces as they made their way down the runway in off shoulder dresses, ruffled trousers and dramatic draping.