Paris Good Fashion


The city of Paris has just announced plans that by 2024 they will become the most sustainable fashion capital in the world. 

On Monday at the Institut Français de la Mode the “Paris Good Fashion” initiative was put into place, aiming to make fashion a more sustainable industry. The initiative was announced by Frédéric Hocquard - deputy to Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo, Antoinette Guhl - deputy in charge of solidarity and social economy, and Isabelle Lefort - a former fashion journalist. The initiative will look at making processes more sustainable, improving sourcing and traceability, and creating a circular economy. Committee members - the IFM, The Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode, Eyes on Talent, the Paris administration and the Ellen McCarthur Foundation will focus on these processes.

In June this year, an event will be held to unveil a sustainability roadmap, and will include an awards ceremony for the new Eye on Talent prize, conferences and a campaign that will promote recycling within the fashion industry. 

Paris has forever been the lead influencer to many fashion capitals around the world, here’s hoping the “Paris Good Fashion” initiative will be their biggest influence yet! 

“Our role is to encourage creation while fighting against climate change, to continue production in France while protecting natural resources and to develop our industry while looking out for our artisans. I hope this day marks the beginning of a collective movement within the fashion industry.” - Antoinette Guhl.