Plitviče Lakes National Park


Plitviče Lakes National Park, is a UNESCO World Heritage Centre and although it is, it is a place I had never heard of it until researching into Croatia. I stayed in a small yet well equipped Airbnb that was a four minute walk to entrance one.

As soon as you enter the park your breath is instantly taken away with a spectacular view of waterfalls, lakes and greenery. You could easily spend two days exploring Plitvice, but like me you can get around most of the park (still taking on everything) within 6 hours. For a great walk around Plitvice I recommend taking route B, this will take you through all the best parts of the lakes and a ride across one of the lakes via boat.

Walking across rustic logs which create pathways through the park, leading you through hundreds of waterfalls as well as experiencing the nature and wildlife of Croatia is a dream come true, therefore Plitvice Lakes is a must do when in Croatia.