Ruffles .. Without the Frills


MINI DRESS Shona Joy • TROUSERS Salasai • SHOES Senso

Before their major comeback in 2015, ruffles were a distant memory from every women’s childhood. Ruffles were (and could still be) considered girly, soft and almost too feminine. They were the definition of bad taste bridesmaid dresses, tea parties and fairytales.

But with little hesitation, the world of good taste brought back the ruffle without the frills. Ruffles saw a whole new light, or in this case .. Dark tones and tough silhouettes. Ruffles no longer had to be “dainty and fluid,” instead they could empower the new found grunge era and embody a tough, raw persona.

Here’s hoping the ruffle hangs around a little longer because I am now and forever a ruffle lover.

Pre 2018Nadine BanksComment