The layer system


Shirt: Ketz-ke . Dress: Wynn Hamlyn . Second dress: Ksubi . Shoes: Witchery 


After two summers in a row, I am actually looking forward to winter for once. Most likely when winter hits I will be wishing I had decided to venture into a third summer, but for the time being I must say I can’t wait for hot chocolate and movie nights, the crisp cold air on my face and above all winter fashion. 

Two things I love to sneak into my autumn/winter wardrobe are a classic white shirt and a black dress, however both cannot be worn alone without freezing to death. Although still too cold for winter, I love to layer the two all autumn long. Then once it gets even colder, pants or tights and then a long, thick coat is a must. 

This black dress by Wynn Hamyln is probably not only my most favourite piece in his Winter ’17 collection but my most beloved black dress of the season. It is simple but with a twist at the waist yet elegant with it’s structured and long silhouette.