The Stolen x K1664 Club


T-SHIRT Stolen Girlfriends Club • RING Stolen Girlfriends Club • BEER Kronenbourg 1664


I was recently asked to join the Stolen Girlfriends Club x K1664 club, and of course I had no hesitation in joining, for many reasons. One reason being by joining the exclusive club I received the most amazing and rare topaz ring (only 45 were made). The second reason being that Kronenbourg 1664’s Blanc beer is simply delicious and I wanted to celebrate the last days of summer sipping on a good drink. Most of all I just love when brands think outside of the box and boy did Stolen and Kronenbourg do so with their cool collaboration!

So I headed to the sandy dunes wearing Stolen Girlfriends Club and my new topaz ring with a refreshing box of Kronenbourg and enjoyed some time in the sun.

Thank you Stolen and Kronenbourg x