Travel skincare tips


Travelling can take such a toll on your skin and it is so easy to neglect your beauty routine. I have been travelling around four countries the past two months, I am constantly on the go and have only stayed in one city for three days at the most. From airport to Airbnb or hotel and walking around all day then back to another airport and onto yet another plane. Here are some things (which may be obvious but can easily be overlooked) I wish I knew before travelling:


Hydrate hydrate hydrate

Hydration is key! This may be the most obvious of them all but when travelling you are so busy, it can be easy to forget to keep up your water intake. When you are constantly on the go, it is so important to drink as much water as possible. My tip is to drink heaps of water before going to an airport and taking an empty bottle with you and fill it up after security. Also to drink coconut water before and after your flight is a great lazy persons go to for staying hydrated. 


The heat of high summer (including airplane cabins, long car rides and simply exploring cities by foot) can leave your skin super dry! A lack of hydration will also dry out your skin, so as well as water you should aim to moisturise at least once a day (ideally when you wake up and before you sleep). I have noticed my hands to be the most dry, so dry that they hurt. Remember to bring a 50ml or less bottle of face and hand cream for the flights. Also although heavy a large moisturiser can be worth carrying around in your main luggage, once you are settled in your accomodation you will be set and happy. 


Minimise you makeup

Try go bare as much as possible, when flying and travelling long hours it is important to keep the skin fresh and makeup free. Long flights and road trips can be a recipe for disaster and also breakouts. Keep your favourite cleanser or wipes with you to freshen up on the go. If you are travelling in the height of summer, it is good to wear next to no makeup but make sure to keep your face protected with an SPF moisturiser or facial sunscreen.

Stick to your routine

Just because you are travelleing and are jet lagged and completely out of touch with what time of day it is, does not give you the excuse to forget your skincare routine. Use travel containers when flying to make sure you stay on to it. 


Take a break

Give your skin the attention it needs by having a beauty session once a week. I like to explore local beauty stores and buy a face mask to rejuvenate the skin, as well as hand masks. Although I like to try new brands, I cannot shy away from my favourite mask, the Advanced Repair mask from Estée Lauder. It is firming, moisturising and gives you a bright and even skin tone which is perfect after a day in the sun. It leaves my face feeling refreshed and ready for whatever the next day brings. 

While you sleep

When you are always on the go it can tricky to take care of your skin, that’s why its great to take care it when you are sleeping. After I cleanse my skin and before I moisturise I like to use Estée Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair as it prevents and helps with dryness and dehydration. I also love Estée Lauder’s new Advanced Night Repair Eye Concentrate Matrix, as it brings life back to my eyes by hydrating and taking away any puffiness and darkness, which is ideal when travelling.