Wardrobe Staples: Denim Edition

SHIRT Aris • JEANS Levis • FLATS Nine West Aus

On trend pieces will forever come and go, both on the runway, the streets and in your own closet. Admit it, we are all guilty of that spontaneous purchase of an in season trending piece that we’ll only wear a few times. You then hide your guilt deep inside your wardrobe with every previous season trend.

In a closet full of season specific trends it is so important to own wardrobe staples. When those once trendy lace up pumps have gone out of style, it’s always great to have your classic pumps to full back on. Or when those frayed hemmed jeans with ripped knees are feeling too overdone, a classic pair of untouched Levi’s are a perfect go to for that undone feeling. And anytime you feel like being a timeless walking sensation, throw on the classic white shirt.

Yes I say GO FOR IT and buy on trend season pieces but always keep an underlying collection of staples in your closet.