Welcome to Autumn

OUTFIT Forever New

Autumn is always a tricky and awkward time of year. The sun starts setting earlier, the mornings become cooler and you can never quite predict what an entire days weather will be like. Cue four seasons in one day.

I always like to be prepared when going out or as my friends like to call it “over prepared”, I live approximately 45 minutes to any kind of civilisation so I say in return “one can never be too over prepared.” Packing extra outfits, including makeup, toothbrush and a spare pair of underwear is always an essential for any day out for me. Even when I know I am only going to be out for a few hours or just for the day I still like to over prepare my outfit (especially in Autumn). You never know when it will begin to rain or shine or anything in between. My typical Autumn everyday attire looks a lot like the one pictured from Forever New. I like to wear a light pair of jeans, some slides, a top with a knit thrown over and a blazer to give me that business edge. As well as a compact bag that is easy to carry around and can still fit all my small essentals (toothbrush included).

So I Welcome Autumn with open arms and a wardrobe fully prepared.