When in Athens


Wake up early and head to the Acropolis. As you should be well aware the Acropolis is a very big tourist attraction (attracting 2.6m visitors every year), so getting there early is a must if you want to beat the crowds. Gates open at 8am, you can't buy tickets online and the crowds to the ticket stands can take up to 2hrs later on in the day.

Make your way up to the Pantheon straight away, skipping everything first, you can see all the other treasures later. Although the Pantheon is large and you can see it no matter how many tourists are gathering around it, there is just something magical about having a 3000 year old monument all to yourself.

I highly recommend doing research and learning the history of the Acropolis before visiting it. Knowing the reasons and meaning behind this Ancient Greek wonder makes you appreciate it so much more. Afterwards you must visit the Acropolis Museum, it is located near to the Acropolis itself and has amazing views of both the Acropolis and the city of Athens. Take your time starting from ground level and work your way up. The museum holds a lot of statues from the Pantheon itself and is well worth seeing. 


To be honest you can spend an entire day at the Acropolis, I think I spent 7hrs there all up. This included a lunch break at the museum cafe which I do not recommend eating at, the food wasn't great but the coffee and drinks were good, as well as the view.


The rest of my day in Athens included eating, shopping and getting lost exploring back streets and hidden ancient rurals.

Down a side street just off the main shopping strip you will find a great street filled with cafes, restaurants and bars. I found a quaint yet bustling corner restaurant called Tazza. It has been by far the best food and service I have experienced on my trip so far. Sit outside for a bustling ambience of scooters racing by, friendly bypassers, and Greek musicians. Depending on how many people are with you, start by getting a few appetisers to share. The waiter recommended rusk cheesecake which is a savoury cheesecake made with crumb, feta, olives and tomato, we had it and it was by far the most delicious appetiser I have ever had, along with the oyster mushroom plate which was full of flavour. For the mains there is nothing I could recommend because everything on the menu seemed delicious. I ordered the salmon pasta but got given the salmon salad instead, it looked so good that I ate it anyway. Moment after I had finished it the waiter raced over with the pasta apologising for giving me the wrong meal. I had some pasta and took the rest home for lunch the next day, that said both salmon dishes were incredible .